Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

We are proud to offer Continental Hydraulic Hose & Fittings. Continental is a premium brand with hose and fittings solutions for any hydraulic application. Our talented hose professionals will make custom hydraulic hose assemblies on-site while you wait. Catawba Industrial Rubber carries a complete selection of hydraulic adapters and hydraulic hose accessories. Contact your hydraulics with Continental hydraulic hose today at Catawba Industrial Rubber.

We are a premier Continental Star distributor that feature the Continental brand of hydraulic hose. The most demanding hydraulic applications rely on a proven product to keep them up and running. We are ready to assist in any applications challenge from 1/8″ – 4″ in both low pressure and extreme high pressure applications up to 6,000 PSI.

  • Continental X-Life high abrasion & half bend radius hose
  • Improved wire reinforcement designs
  • Processing and new insulation materials
  • Innovative abrasion resistance compounds
  • Color coded for easy recognition
  • Increased pressure ratings
  • Compounds with higher working temperatures up to 300°F

Catawba Industrial Rubber is proud to be one of a Continental’s hydraulic hose distributors. Our make your custom hydraulic hose while you wait in the shop. Leveraging every resource to keep you competitive, with Continental behind us, we’re moving you forward.

Low Pressure & Return

Low pressure hydraulic hoses are used for petroleum-based hydraulic oils, glycol antifreeze, air or water in low pressure fluid transfer or hydraulic system return lines. Low pressures hoses don’t require...

Medium Pressure

Medium pressure hydraulic hoses for use with petroleum-based hydraulic oils, glycol antifreeze, air, or water in medium pressure fluid transfer applications. These hoses are generally constructed with two plies of...

High Pressure

High pressure hydraulic hose is recommended for use high-pressure hydraulic oil line applications. These hoses are generally constructed with two plies braided steel reinforcement. Historical two wire construction have been...

Very High Pressure

Extremely high-pressure hose is recommended for use in high-impulse high pressure applications: hydrostatic drives, mobile construction equipment, boom arms, mining trucks, excavators, forestry and agricultural machinery. Standards for impulse testing...


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