FTS2103-100 Food Suction Discharge Hose – White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA Tube, Steel Helix – 1″ ID, 1.45″ OD, 250psi, -25°F to 230°F

FTS2103-100 Food Suction Discharge Hose – White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA Tube, Steel Helix – 1″ ID, 1.45″ OD, 250psi, -25°F to 230°F

This heavy-duty food suction and discharge hose is designed for use in food service where oil resistance is required. White Nitrile tube meets FDA requirement for the transfer of oil and water based food products. Produced on chrome mandrels for smoothest tube finish in FDA applications.

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White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA






-25°F to 230°F

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If you need a durable and reliable hose that can comfortably handle oil resistance, we’re here to offer you something special. Look no further than FTS2103-100! At our online industrial products store, you have the opportunity to get your hands on one of the best food suction and discharge hoses on the market today.

This versatile rubber hose is designed to fit the bill for all your food service applications, where the transfer of oil and water-based food products is a necessity. Say goodbye to worrying about contamination and safety issues – our food suction and discharge hose has got you covered. With its white nitrile tube that complies with FDA standards, this hose is an ideal choice for both manufacturers and end-users, giving you peace of mind and satisfaction like never before.

But what sets our FTS2103-100 apart from the rest? Well, for starters, it boasts of a textile reinforcement and steel helix, making it extremely reliable and durable even for the toughest applications. The white nitrile/PVC blend FDA tube comes in a perfect size – an ID of 1 inch and an OD of 1.45 inches – making it the perfect fit for a wide range of foodservice applications.

In addition, this masterpiece of a hose is rated to handle temperatures between -25°F and 230°F, meaning it gets the job done in any environment. It can handle a maximum pressure of 250 psi, with a burst ratio (safety factor) of 04:01:00 – just what you need to confidently power through the day with minimal hassle or worry.

So, when you need a top-quality heavy-duty food suction and discharge hose that meets strict FDA standards, FTS2103-100 from our online store is your perfect solution. You can trust our commitment to quality assurance and our expert team to promptly deliver your purchase, and ensure your foodservice business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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