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Hoses - Multipurpose, Air, Water, Suction, Water Discharge, Fire, Chemical, SS Braided Teflon, Petroleum, Food, Material Handling, Steam, Pressure Washer, Ducting and Vacuum, Hydraulic, Tubing Hose Couplings & Accessories - Cam- Groove, King Combination Nipples, Boss Couplings, Air Kings, Pin Lugs, Foot Valves, Menders, Brass Inserts, Clamps, Nozzles, Quick Disconnects, Ball Valves, Fire Hose, Sanitary Couplings

Miscellaneous Rubber & Plastic Products - Matting, Door Strips, Roll-A-Strap, Wheel Chocks, Dock Bumppers, Adhesives and Cements, Pails, Traffic Cones, Pipe Insulation, Plastic Products

Sheet Rubber, Packing and Gaskets - Sheet Rubber, Gaskets, Packing, O-Rings Protective Clothing - Rainwear, Boots, Gloves, Aprons, Vests, Safety Gear Belting - Conveyor Belting, Clipper Lacing, Alligator Lacing, Flexco Fasteners

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Industrial Rubber Company
4629 Dwight Evans Road
PO Box 30636
Charlotte, NC 28230-0636

Two locations to serve you:
Coastal Hose & Rubber, Inc.
Wilmington, NC


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